“Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 3

Where to begin with my third episode of my “Hotwife Glory Hole” series…

This one caught me by surprise, as it was my first time being split-roasted.

The guy in my Glory Hole was super sweet and cute. I could tell he was nervous, so I put my pussy up to the hole to break the ice.

He had delicate soft hands, and they felt so good on my body. He touched my pussy with a softness that blew my mind and really got my engines running.

I couldn’t wait to get down on my knees to see what he was packing, and I wasn’t disappointed when I did. He was so hard, so much harder then my husband gets… I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. It was thick, and just the right length for me to deep throat.

This was the first time my husband got so involved in one of these.. Usually he just films and jerks his cock, playing the good cuck husband role. But this time something came over him and he quickly had his hands on the back of my head, forcing my mouth to stretch down my new friend’s shaft. It was so damn hot for me. He hardly ever acts that way.

Jason (my husband), even whipped his own cock out and had me sucking it. It was like a dream come true for me. Two cocks and one slut wife to enjoy them all to herself.

I liked sucking my husband’s cock, but I was more into making my new friend cum…

After I sucked off the hubby, it didn’t take him long to hand me a condom to fuck my stranger. I was shocked, but he was insistent. I had known this moment would come eventually, but was surprised we were taking this step so soon in our journey.

This was my first attempt fucking a man at the Glory Hole, and I was so ready for it… but I didn’t have my positioning right and it proved difficult.

I couldn’t believe I let a strangers cock go deep inside my pussy. I didn’t need much of it to cum. The excitement was like nothing I had ever done. It was so hot for me… I wanted to squeeze his cock with my pussy so he knew he was the luckiest man in the Glory Hole that night…

After I came on his cock, I wanted him to cum. I got off of it and started sucking that cock again, this time with a purpose.

After watching me get fucked right in front of him for the very first time, Jason got behind me and started fucking my pussy while I sucked my new stud’s cock.

Jason told me he wanted to feel my stretched out pussy after being freshly fucked. he said, it was looser then usual, and it turned him on so much knowing a thick cock had just stretched me out. I was happy I could do that for him. He loves being a cuck, so I know he liked finally getting to feel my stretched out pussy with every stroke of his cock deep inside me…

This was by far my hottest Glory Hole experience at the time we shot it. It broke the seal for me fucking guys in the club and I never looked back.

I made my new friend cum all over my titties before it was over, and had the time of my life doing it. His cum was so hot. I wanted it so bad…

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Thanks for reading.

“Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 2

Hey all I’m back with for my “Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 2 Blog.

If you have’t watched Episode 2 yet, you can do so HERE.

Episode 2 was definitely a learning experience for me. Despite this being dubbed “Episode 2”, this wasn’t my second time at my local Glory Hole, it was more like my 10th time, or so.

This was however my first time meeting “Dio” the very hung stud featured in this episode.

When I first saw Dio through the Glory Hole hole, my first impression was that he was very good looking. It was shocking actually. Super ripped, great body, and one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen in person.

Like always, we started things off with him touching me, fingering me, etc… He made me cum easy with his fingers. Dio, I could tell was a very experienced lover. His touch was soft but firm, and he made me feel extremely good.

By the time he was done fingering me, I was so turned on, dripping wet, and ready to suck his big white cock.

This Hotwife was thirsty for it, so I got on my knees and went to work.

He got so hard, I wanted to feel him inside me, but I didn’t want to seem too eager, so I just kept sucking that massive cock, like his cum was my life-force.

This is where that “learning experience” comes in.

Prior to my encounter with Dio, I was making guys cum almost too fast. I was struggling to find anyone who could last more then 10 minutes with my hands and more then 3 minutes with my mouth.

Dio though, he just kept going, and going, and going… It was hot, but after a full camera battery died, and then our spotlight, I was wondering if this was going to be my first shooting failure.

What you don’t see in the episode is me taking a break. Once our spotlight died, I had reservations, wondering if Dio was ever going to cum. I had busted out all my tricks, used the best of techniques, and he just moaned from the other side of the wall, raging hard, but no cum.

I wanted him to cum so bad. he was so hot, and his cock was so sexy. All I wanted was to watch him cum…

After we took some time to regroup and talk, Dio told me that if I let him finger me again, he would probably cum.

You see, Dio, while he enjoyed the head I was giving him, said he’s more of a giver than a receiver. And he promised that if I let him finger me again he would likely just start busting cum right there on the spot…

At this point I put in so much work on that big cock that I was selfishly ready to cum some more, so I went with it. Doubting it would actually work, but not caring, because I was happy it was my turn.

I put my pussy up to the hole in the wall and he started fingering me so good. It felt too damn good. I was in literal ecstasy.

I was into it, I forgot that I still needed him to cum. I was just in the moment.

Then all of a sudden Dio said he was ready… It actually worked.

This man was fingering me and making me cum and it turned him on so much, that he rushed his cock right back through the hole and he was already shooting ropes.

I rushed down back on my knees, I didn’t want any of that hot stud’s cum wasted, and I took all that I could right in my mouth.

His massive cock throbbing, I put it back in my mouth, sucking it one more time before this encounter concluded.

I never have had a man cum by fingering me before. It was almost like magic. It was a turn on and I was so impressed.

Dio is another guy that I exchanged details with after our first Glory Hole encounter. I would go on to meet him back at the Glory Hole and fulfill my desires to fuck that massive cock.

My fuck scene with Dio is currently only available on my VIP page, as “Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 5.

Dio fucked me with that big cock, and it was better then I had hoped… But I’ll save that for another blog…

Dio is one of my regular bulls now. While I don’t see him as much as some of my other guys, I have had him over to my house for playdates and have future plans to have him back over. His cock is one of the biggest ones on my roster presently, so he always has a place deep inside my pussy…

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As always, thank you for being here, and I look forward to being the object of your desires…


“Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 1

I’m back!! And it is my absolute pleasure to be penning the latest entry to my blog.

I was very nervous to release “Hotwife Glory Hole” episode 1 to the world. It was my first time exposing myself in this way to the masses on-line.

I’m happy with the feedback I have received this far, and my “Hotwife Glory Hole” series is taking off faster than expected.

Episode 1 was not my first interaction at the Glory Hole. It was more like my fourth or fifth time pleasuring a strange man at our club.

I decided to drop this video as episode 1, simply because it was the first time I didn’t show any real nerves on camera and I liked how I look and perform in this video.

My first few attempts at the Glory Hole, while fun and exhilarating, were still learning experiences… But this one, the guy, “Zach” was super sweet, cute, and had a really nice cock I enjoyed playing with.

At the time Episode 1 was filmed, I was fully immersed in the lifestyle and able to completely let go for my husband, the camera, and my new boy toy on the other side of the wall…

When I first met Zach, it was really sweet. He couldn’t believe there was a sexy woman on the other side of the wall, already on her knees waiting like a good slut-wife to service him.

He had a vape pen, I could tell he was nervous. He was smoking his vape pen, which I would later learn had THC in it, like it was his life force.

He offered me and my husband Jason a few pulls from it, which we happily accepted. It was really nice and different. Zach was just a normal guy. A first for this venue.

After we chatted a few minutes and smoked some of Zach’s vape, Jason asked him if he’d like to see my body.

This started off our first interaction with my Zachy Poo…

Zach started touching my body. I was so turned on.

His touch had my mind bending….

He was touching my body so right. It felt so good. I forgot Jason was even in the booth… The cameras seemingly disappeared as I let myself go…

It was the first time since shooting Glory Hole content that I couldn’t wait to see my stud’s fresh new cock. I wanted it so bad.

Zach was fingering me so good. He made me cum easily. I think I was already over stimulated with anticipation, because I just couldn’t hold back.

At some point I was done being touched and my need for Zach’s cock completely took over. I just wanted it in my mouth so bad…

I got back down on my knees, and Zach wasted no time slipping his swollen dripping cock right into my mouth…

It was so hot, I didn’t want to stop. His thick cock stretched my. mouth out way better than my husband’s ever has.

With every stroke of my mouth, I could feel Zach’s cock pulsing… I wanted his cum…

It didn’t take long. Sometimes my BJ skills are my own worst enemy.

I could tell he was going to cum in just minutes, so I started stroking his cock instead, just to buy us a little more playtime…

I was really enjoying myself. Something about Zach’s cock, even when I sit here and think on it now, it was just delicious. Almost a perfect cock for my pretty married mouth to suck…

I stroked him good, I really wanted to see his hot load cum out of that college boy cock…

When he finally shot his load, I couldn’t hold back my smile. It was so hot. His cum was way thicker than Jason’s. When I saw his sexy cock shooting all over the place, I regretted not taking it all in my mouth.

I wanted more… I was having too much fun. But Zach was clearly done. He started to take his cock back from me, and I just gave that sexy shaft one last lick before it disappeared back on the other side of the wall.

We had such a great experience with Zach, that we exchanged contact details after the shoot and to-date I’ve probably fucked him at least 15 times. We don’t always get to film our interactions, but Zach is a part of our hotwife lifestyle now. And is one of my many bulls I play with when in the mood.

He’s been featured in a few different Glory Hole scenes, as well as a “Hotwife Massage” scene. (Found exclusively on my Only Fans)…

If you have’t seen “Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 1, it is uploaded for FREE, in its entirety on my official Porn Hub page.

I’ve also included an embedded version in this blog.

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Becoming A Hotwife

Well, this is long overdue…

I’m working on a regular blog to drop with each of my “Hotwife Glory Hole” Episodes.

However, this first one is just going to be an introduction to me, and how I got involved in this Hotwife Lifestyle.

About two-years ago, my husband of 11 years, Jason, approached me with his ultimate fantasy. He did this via text in the middle of a work-day, and it really caught me off-guard. He explained to me how he wanted me to be a hotwife, his personal pornstar, and allow him to share me with studs.

I’ve always been an exhibitionist, and open sexually, but I didn’t even know what a Hotwife was at the time, I literally had to google it.

It took me about a year to sit, think, and ponder on his fantasies,. And in his usual way, he broke down my walls over time.

Eventually one night, we decided to go to a Glory Hole, just to look and catch a vibe and see what I think.

I had had a few drinks, we just had a great time at one of our local strip clubs, and there was a Glory Hole right around the corner.

I was ready, I was ready to give him what he wanted, and test this out and see how it goes.

To my surprise, I made a stranger cum that night. It wasn’t the hottest guy. It wasn’t the hottest cock. But, the experience… The experience was such an exhilarating rush.

Jason was so turned on, I hadn’t seen him so hard in awhile, he was dripping, he was swollen, it was hot AF for me. We had such good sex right there on the spot, in the Glory Hole, while other men watched from the Glory Hole hole.

I was almost instantly hooked…

I’m a full-blown “Hotwife” now.

We are multiple partners into this experience. It’s been amazing. I believe it has brought Jason and I closer together. We are more bonded then ever. Our sex life is better then ever, and so far at least, we have no regrets.

We’ve met some amazing men, had some amazing times. It’s been nothing but positive for us.

From this point forward, this blog page will be part of every “Hotwife Glory Hole” video drop. You can expect to get more detailed accounts of my experience with each bull on each shoot, as well as my intimate thoughts, and feelings and more…

Thank you for being here.

❤️ Nicole.