“Hotwife Glory Hole” Episode 3

Where to begin with my third episode of my “Hotwife Glory Hole” series…

This one caught me by surprise, as it was my first time being split-roasted.

The guy in my Glory Hole was super sweet and cute. I could tell he was nervous, so I put my pussy up to the hole to break the ice.

He had delicate soft hands, and they felt so good on my body. He touched my pussy with a softness that blew my mind and really got my engines running.

I couldn’t wait to get down on my knees to see what he was packing, and I wasn’t disappointed when I did. He was so hard, so much harder then my husband gets… I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. It was thick, and just the right length for me to deep throat.

This was the first time my husband got so involved in one of these.. Usually he just films and jerks his cock, playing the good cuck husband role. But this time something came over him and he quickly had his hands on the back of my head, forcing my mouth to stretch down my new friend’s shaft. It was so damn hot for me. He hardly ever acts that way.

Jason (my husband), even whipped his own cock out and had me sucking it. It was like a dream come true for me. Two cocks and one slut wife to enjoy them all to herself.

I liked sucking my husband’s cock, but I was more into making my new friend cum…

After I sucked off the hubby, it didn’t take him long to hand me a condom to fuck my stranger. I was shocked, but he was insistent. I had known this moment would come eventually, but was surprised we were taking this step so soon in our journey.

This was my first attempt fucking a man at the Glory Hole, and I was so ready for it… but I didn’t have my positioning right and it proved difficult.

I couldn’t believe I let a strangers cock go deep inside my pussy. I didn’t need much of it to cum. The excitement was like nothing I had ever done. It was so hot for me… I wanted to squeeze his cock with my pussy so he knew he was the luckiest man in the Glory Hole that night…

After I came on his cock, I wanted him to cum. I got off of it and started sucking that cock again, this time with a purpose.

After watching me get fucked right in front of him for the very first time, Jason got behind me and started fucking my pussy while I sucked my new stud’s cock.

Jason told me he wanted to feel my stretched out pussy after being freshly fucked. he said, it was looser then usual, and it turned him on so much knowing a thick cock had just stretched me out. I was happy I could do that for him. He loves being a cuck, so I know he liked finally getting to feel my stretched out pussy with every stroke of his cock deep inside me…

This was by far my hottest Glory Hole experience at the time we shot it. It broke the seal for me fucking guys in the club and I never looked back.

I made my new friend cum all over my titties before it was over, and had the time of my life doing it. His cum was so hot. I wanted it so bad…

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Thanks for reading.