Becoming A Hotwife

Well, this is long overdue…

I’m working on a regular blog to drop with each of my “Hotwife Glory Hole” Episodes.

However, this first one is just going to be an introduction to me, and how I got involved in this Hotwife Lifestyle.

About two-years ago, my husband of 11 years, Jason, approached me with his ultimate fantasy. He did this via text in the middle of a work-day, and it really caught me off-guard. He explained to me how he wanted me to be a hotwife, his personal pornstar, and allow him to share me with studs.

I’ve always been an exhibitionist, and open sexually, but I didn’t even know what a Hotwife was at the time, I literally had to google it.

It took me about a year to sit, think, and ponder on his fantasies,. And in his usual way, he broke down my walls over time.

Eventually one night, we decided to go to a Glory Hole, just to look and catch a vibe and see what I think.

I had had a few drinks, we just had a great time at one of our local strip clubs, and there was a Glory Hole right around the corner.

I was ready, I was ready to give him what he wanted, and test this out and see how it goes.

To my surprise, I made a stranger cum that night. It wasn’t the hottest guy. It wasn’t the hottest cock. But, the experience… The experience was such an exhilarating rush.

Jason was so turned on, I hadn’t seen him so hard in awhile, he was dripping, he was swollen, it was hot AF for me. We had such good sex right there on the spot, in the Glory Hole, while other men watched from the Glory Hole hole.

I was almost instantly hooked…

I’m a full-blown “Hotwife” now.

We are multiple partners into this experience. It’s been amazing. I believe it has brought Jason and I closer together. We are more bonded then ever. Our sex life is better then ever, and so far at least, we have no regrets.

We’ve met some amazing men, had some amazing times. It’s been nothing but positive for us.

From this point forward, this blog page will be part of every “Hotwife Glory Hole” video drop. You can expect to get more detailed accounts of my experience with each bull on each shoot, as well as my intimate thoughts, and feelings and more…

Thank you for being here.

❤️ Nicole.